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Lake Havasu, Arizona is a relaxed friendly community known for its casual atmosphere in Mohave County,
located approximately one hour away from Laughlin / Bullhead City and Kingman.
Lake Havasu is home to Western Arizona's large natural freshwater lake via the Colorado River,
surrounded by stunning mountains, incredible views and sunsets.

Lake Havasu is the ultimate community for outdoor recreation and entertainment.
From boating, water skiing, jet skiing to extreme sports such as off road motorcycling, quads, & 4x4.
There is always something to do here in Lake Havasu City.
In addition, you can also find other recreation nearby, such as golfing, casinos, dining and of course, good friendly people.
Nearby communities include:
Laughlin, BullHead City, Mohave Valley, Fort Mohave, Topock, Parker, and Kingman are all within an hour or so.
Lake Havasu City is around 43 square miles, or around 6 miles by 7 miles.
Many of the homes sit on 1/4 acre lots.
The yard work is a lot less than you would think as the yards are either swimming pools or decorative rock.
I am asked why I moved here and the answer is simple.
Attitude? There isn't any attitude here.
People are Friendly, fun, easy going, helpful, neighborly, and easy to talk to kind of people.
Go ahead and try it out. Spend a week here and go up to strangers and say, "Hello."
Odds are you will be talking for 20-30 minutes about anything.
Traffic? That would be the 6 cars ahead of you if that. It is nothing like sitting on the 405, the 5, or the 101!
Crime? Lake Havasu City is in the top 10 Safest Cities in Arizona! I would say what little there is, may be alcohol related. It is a resort community. Once in a while there is thefts as well. You can check into it at the local Police Station to get a better idea.
Jobs? If you are not a business owner, or someone with ambition, Beware! Jobs can be scarce. Ambition goes a long way here.
Geography? Streets here are not usually on city blocks. The roads here go up and around as opposed to city blocks.
Air Quality? One of the top ten cleanest air in the nation for a city! Google it!
Population? Around 53,000 living in 23,000 Homes. Goes up in Winter months to around double. Snowbirds
Neighbors? Picture around half of your neighbors gone most of the time as this is their vacation or second home.
Average Size Home? Around 1500 - 2200 square feet on a 1/4 acre with a HUGE Garage for TOYS!
Average Price of a Home? Around $200,000 - $400,000 depending on your wants and needs.
Price of Gas? Around 30 -50 cents cheaper per gallon than California. Maybe it has to do with state taxes?
Price of Food compared to California? Around the same give or take 10% - 25%.
Keeping up with the Jones'? It is about Classic Cars, Boats, Dirt Toys, etc.
Attire? Casual, I mean Flip Flop or Sneakers Casual.
Think Easy Going. As a Real Estate Agent I have only seen one guy wear a suit!
Retire in Lake Havasu? Many Do!
Age? I think I read the average age is around 45 on a demographics page. You may want to look this up on your own. All ages are here. I have not noticed a lot of children here, however, I do see some School Buses So they must exist somewhere.
Pets? This is a dog loving town!
Weather? It gets over 100 degrees during the summer! Boating, or swimming pool, or stay inside and read a good book.
On the Cold side, .... Rarely gets under 40 degrees.
Rain? Yes around 4-5 inches / year and when it does stay where you are and wait.
In a couple of hours it will be over with.
When it rains hard you can expect obstacles.
You should not try to crossing water over the road, as the water here moves faster than you think.
Wild Weekends? Most of the Locals stay off the Lake. Some might go "People Watch." We can all use a good laugh or view.
Internet Speed? Around 50MB/s down and 3MB/s up with suddenlink depending on location.
I test monthly and it is consistent. This is Wireless 30 feet away from router. I bought my own router
4gLTE Cell Phone? Yes Verizon has 4G LTE and At&T has spotty 4g.
Sprint has lack luster service according to hearsay. T-mobile? Some use it.
Lake Havasu Utilities? Whats the skinny? The South end of town generally has fewer power lines above ground.
A fair amount of homes do not have Natural Gas.
Water? I suggest a whole house water filter and a reverse osmosis for what you drink or cook with.
Trash and Recycling? Trash cans are on you but they do drop off recycle bins, if you call and ask for them.
Sewer charges are HIGH. Way High! Take the water portion of your bill and multiply that times a little over Five.
Now we know why people have a rock yard.
Phone? My advice is to use some sort of VOIP to save money.
TV? This is a no brainer,... Direct TV if you are a sports fan, and Dish if you like Movies. ( contract )
Cable Tv? Suddenlink ( expect ugly Black cable wires in your home instead of white wires blending in with base boards ) ( no contract )
Electric? It works and it is OK if you don't go overboard using it. Expect a big bill running the a/c in the summer.
Solar? Some Known issues - cost, possible roof leaks, keeping panels clean so they work, ( do you want to get up on the roof to clean your solar panels 3-4 times a year? ) on average solar works for around 6 hours a day.
I'm all for free power, but solar isn't free.
Property Taxes? Reasonable if you owner occupy. Check county of Mohave Tax Assessor for additional info.

What are the best parts of Lake Havasu City to live in?
The whole town is pretty cool.
You will find a top of the line brand new home right next to an older homes.
There is an area called "The Foothills" in the east north east section and can be pricey but very nice!
There is an area "Lake Side of the Highway" on the north end people like by Palo Verde North.
There is an area by the golf course many people like on the south end.
There is an area called the Island - Go over London Bridge, The lots are a bit small here though.
There is also an area called "The Refuge"
Here again, the whole town is pretty cool. It's the people.
DMV or MVD? Average wait time 15-20 minutes.
Drivers License issued for Yeeeaarrrrrs!
Bad MVD or DMV Picture? Bring $10 and have a Do Over on a Good Hair Day!
Boat? Registration is at Fish and Game in Kingman ( Trailer still MVD ) You may want to Get "Vessel Assist" while you are at it.
Boat Launch? If you go often, you may want to do the $200 / year plan. Windsor Beach Launch.
Auto Insurance? If you are coming from most metro areas you should find it cheaper. Get the windshield ding addition!
Events? There is always something going on in Lake Havasu. Get in line with whatever you do for fun and events will be happening.
Classic Cars? You will see more Hot Cars here than anywhere on the planet! You wont see much Lexus, BMW, or Porsche,...
You will see Classic Cars - Fords, Chevy's, and Dodge, ... they are everywhere!
Shooting? You should check, but out a ways from city limits, and population, and Sara Park Skeet Shooting
Guns? Verify the 2010 Arizona Law - over 21 with no issues anyone can carry or concealed carry no permit necessary. See exclusions. This doesn't mean you see people carry weapons. I have not seen people doing it.
Where do people off road? Go East, North or South BLM ( Bureau of Land Management ) Have fun and bring a lot of water!
Auto Racing? Sara Park
RVs? This town probably has 1 RV in every 5 homes and they Garage them. That's how big the Garages are.
Radio Stations? Loads of good Radio Stations here surprisingly.
Tv Stations? Mostly the nationals and some news out of Phoenix. ( One local channel that will put a 12 year old on sugar to sleep )
The sidewalks are promptly rolled up around 10pm Sunday - Thursday. Friday and Saturday around 11 to 12.
If you walk outside at night, it is quiet. Highway 95 is quiet for the most part as well.
Most of the people you meet here are from Southern California, ( in winter time people from Canada and the North East ) and they are friendly good natured people.

If you are thinking of moving here from Southern California Let me Know.
I can sell your home in California and get you a Home here, as I am a licensed Broker in Both Arizona and California.

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Lake Havasu Homes

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